Common Questions about PS-MAPP Training

How much does it cost?
PS-MAPP training is offered free of charge.

Who can attend?
PS-MAPP training is open to all qualified potential Resource Foster parents. Please note that both parents in the household are required to complete training before becoming a licensed Resource Foster Care provider.

Am I obligated to be a Resource Foster parent after completing PS-MAPP training?
No. Some potential Resource Foster parents realize during the training that Resource Foster parenting would not be right for them. There is absolutely no obligation to become a Resource Foster parent after completing the training. As an additional benefit, almost all participants have claimed that PS-MAPP training has helped them become better parents to their own children.

When do the classes take place?
New PS-MAPP classes begin every few weeks or months, depending upon instructor availability and demand from the community. Meetings last three hours per week for ten consecutive weeks.

Where are the classes located?
TFI Family Services, Inc. is proud to sponsor PS-MAPP trainings all over the state of Kansas. Click here to check our schedule to see the latest dates and locations. There might be a class starting soon in your own community!

If my husband and I have different work hours and it would be impossible for us to attend the ten week PS-MAPP classes, does that mean we couldn’t be foster parents?
Pathway Family Services does offer an alternative for those families in your situation. When you make your application, please let us know your circumstances so we can evaluate if you are a candidate for the alternative training.

How do I find out more information or register for PS-MAPP training?
Interested applicants can call our Resource Family Recruitment Specialist toll free at 877-810-8583 or reach us by email Our schedule is updated often, so please check back for more information about PS-MAPP training, including dates and locations of upcoming classes.